About CAES


11 Since 1963, Conejo Adventist Elementary School (CAES) has provided academic excellence in a Christian setting. With a Christ-centered curriculum, CAES creates a whole-person education addressing physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions. From kindergarten through 8th grade, students are groomed for long-term academic, professional and personal success.

We believe every child is unique and his or her education should be just as particular. This is why our teachers employ differentiated instruction, as well as culling the best techniques, practices and resources for every subject. The family atmosphere of the school creates a safe environment for children to learn, grow, experiment and thrive. Each teacher strives to imbed a sense of wonder and a furious appetite for knowledge in every student.

The school is open to students of all faith traditions (or none at all) who are willing to abide by simple Christian values of respect, dignity and honor. Woven through all subject matter is the presence of God — in science, art, language, history and physical education. Each grade experiences Jesus throughout the day, including Bible class.

We believe that a working relationship between parents, students, and school is necessary for optimal growth and learning. It is this belief that drives us to create a bond with all families that will foster growth in our students at all times.